Full day wine tour to East Georgia

Wine production in Georgia has 8000 years of history. Georgia is the motherland of wine. About 500 varieties of famous red and white wines are grown and produced in Georgia. Georgian way of wine production in 'Qvevri' (clay vessels planted in the ground) was included in Intangible UNESCO World Heritage List. Almost every family in the countryside of Kakheti is also a winegrower. The day wine tour is specially designed to learn something more about Georgian wine traditions.


  • • Alaverdi Cathedral (XI c)
  • • Twins Wine Cellar and Museum in Napareuli Village (Optional)
  • • Gremi fortress (XVI c)
  • • Prince Chavchavadze's palace in Tsinandali village
  • • Wine gallery in Kvareli (under the mountains of the Great Caucasus)
  • • Telavi - The capital of Kakheti region
  • • Gombori pass on the way back to Tbilisi (1620 m)

Wine tour starts in the morning with driving east from Tbilisi, towards Telavi, Kakheti, the largest wine growing region in Georgia. The first destination is Alaverdi Cathedral (20 km northwest of Telavi). Alaverdi Cathedral is one of the most important Orthodox monuments in Georgia. (XI c, in preliminary list of UNESCO since 2007).

Visit to the twin wine cellars in the village of Napareuli. Here our guests can visit very interesting wine museum. Here you can get acquainted with Georgian way of wine production. In the different rooms of the museum it is shown how Georgians make kvewri (huge terracotta tanks), how they plant kvewri in the ground, and all the steps of wine production. At the end of the wine tour, guests can taste two different types of wine and chacha. Please note, visit of this property is optional and not included in the standard wine tour package.

Further on the way visit Gremi fortress (XVI c). Gremi was the most important city of Kakheti region until XVI century. Nowadays picturesque location of the fortress with high bell tower and walls makes deep impression on guests.

After that, drive to Kwareli, wine tunnels, built under the hills of the Great Caucasus. Total length of the tunnels is 8,000 m. Two main tunnels are more than 800 m each. The tunnels are used for aging wine. Above the wine tunnels is a beautiful restaurant, built on top of the hill, with picturesque views of Alazani valley and delicious Georgian dishes.

Visit to Prince Chavchavadze Palace (XVII c.) in Tsinandali village with beautiful French park and wine cellar. Here in the wine cellar guests can taste different varieties of local wine.

After visiting the palace visit the beautiful Chateau Schuchmann in the village of Kisiskhevi for further wine tasting. Wine lover Mr. Burkhard Schuchmann from Hamburg has decided to establish a small estate in this area for the production of Georgian wine.

Schuchmann Wines Georgia won in 2008 the award as "The best small business 2008" and in 2011 "the best medium ENTERPRISE 2011. Visit to the Chateau is optional and guests have to add this destination for additional cost.

At the end of the wine tour visit Telavi - capital and administrative center of Kakheti region (100 km east of Tbilisi). Here you can enjoy and buy local market of the city, where you can find wide range of various fruits and vegetables, apples and peaches, grapes and pomegranates, tomatoes and cucumbers.